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B1 screen printed poster and A2 print. Part of the South Canterbury series.
  • Mt John
  • Fairlie Screen print
  • Failie - Autumn
  • Caroline Bay - Afternoon
  • Geraldine
  • Cave  (alternate)
  • 013_pleasantpoint_square.jpg
  • 011b_mtjohn_night_square.jpg
  • 011_mtjohn_night_square.jpg

Purchasing Prints

A2 size art prints from $30, and large hand printed B1 size screen prints from $40. View more product photos in the shop, and you can use your credit card to purchase (choose the bottom option on the paypal interface when paying).

About Ink Big

Ink Big is a project about creating posters for New Zealand. Posters of not only well known locations, but also the sort of places that don't get a lot of attention.

If you'd like to know more, or even have a request, check out the contact information or hit me up on the facebook page.

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