On Being Local

As weird as it sounds, travel posters aren't really about travelling.

They're about us.

They're about the people who daydream. The people who are going, not those who have been. For those who think of the world as it could be - rather than how it is.

When we daydream, we are better people. Childhoods are idyllic, adventure or romance are possibilities, peeling paint on a wall is evocative. The world in a travel poster doesn't have to deal with the mundane - toothbrushes, toilets, damp shoes or Mosquitos. It deals in sunsets, smiles, lovely ladies and dashing men.

It is a world of possibilities, not realities.

So a poster isn't just for those who have been to Fairlie, Geraldine, Dunedin or Queenstown. It's for those of us who imagine what it might be like there.

And then again maybe it is also for those that have been - and can remember the best of ourselves there.

Who Does This?

Ink Big is the work of me, Gareth Bedford. This is what I would look like if I was born 100 years ago:

Requests & Commissioned Work

Yes, I take requests for custom locations - but you may have to wait until I can find time to do it.
If you wish to commission a particular location, get in touch and we can talk about it.


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